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13 Pillars of HIPAA When I first started developing HIPAA compliant software I had been developing custom software for 9 years. But I had never had to develop a HIPAA compliant solution. Like a lot things ... Continue Reading
Business First, Technology Second On a recent visit to my alma mater, I sat in on a Machine Learning class. It was fascinating. Being in the room with 20 or so students talking about a technology trend I ... Continue Reading
Doing Right vs. Being Right is Trying 896 Variations to Find a Match One of our core values at Vy Technology is that We Know the Difference in Being Right and Doing Right. What we mean by that is, being right is important, but doing right ... Continue Reading
Why Removing Functionality is Usually Proposed but Rarely the Right Answer We have a customer that is growing very fast in the Healthcare space. Two years ago their Member database was around 200,000 members. After 2020 Annual Enrollment Period settled, they are now ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: What 1934 University of Michigan Football Can Teach Business About Meritocracy - The Bill Borgmann Story Core Values Series: This is the first of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values My Grandfather - Bill Borgmann (#6) - played football for University of Michigan back in 1934. ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: Doing Right vs. Being Right - The Allen Hunt Story Core Values Series: This is the second of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values In 2005, my first job out of college was being a Videographer for a church in Alpharetta, ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: Pursuing Margin - The Ray Neslund Story Core Values Series: This is the third of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values My grandfather Ray Neslund was an astonishing man. He spent most of his childhood on a ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: Valuing All People - The Gina Donnelly Theising Story Core Values Series: This is the fourth of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values It has been a joy living in four very distinct places in my life. The first ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: We Are A Christian Business - The Dr. Jeff Justice Story Core Values Series: This is the fifth of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values Church was not part of my childhood. I started going in Middle School without my family ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: We Are Dying If We Aren Core Values Series: This is the seventh of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values If there is one thing I am most grateful in this life is that I have had ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: We Are Zealots for Efficiency - The Andy Borgmann Story Core Values Series: This is the final of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values When I was a boy my dad would ask, like most fathers, "how was school?" I'd ... Continue Reading
Do Not Make The Same Mistake COBOL-based New Jersey & Kansas Unemployment Department Made It may be because there is nothing on TV. It may just be general curiosity. Either way, I find myself consuming a bit more news than normal in these interesting times we ... Continue Reading
Can WhatsApp Be HIPAA Compliant? We completed a really fun project this past week for a client of ours involving our ERP and WhatsApp integration. To WhatsApp's credit, they do not want to become a spamming engine for the entire ... Continue Reading
Don Thinking of selling your company in the near future? Great. It's an amazing time of your life. A lifetime of hard work culminating into a single event. Similar to a wedding, only this is ... Continue Reading
SolarWinds Hack Shows Danger Of One Size Fits All IT Security In 2018 I spent an exceedingly large amount of time arguing with managed care attorneys. I was representing a healthcare company that didn't fit traditional classifications, and in turn, "lively discussions" around traditional security ... Continue Reading
Vaccine Distribution Plan Proves Why Technology Matters in Healthcare Most of us would probably agree that the roll out of the COVID19 vaccine has been anything but stellar. The large task of developing a vaccine in a lot of ways went smoother ... Continue Reading
How Much Will HITRUST Certification Cost? Picking up on the theme from a few days ago, let's tell another story about a time I went head to head with an MCO and lost: HITRUST Certification. You might be beginning ... Continue Reading
The Monumentally Important Element for HITRUST Compliance: The IT Policy Document If you are looking to embark on HITRUST Certification, you'll be spending a lot of time on your IT Policy. This is arguably the most important part of the HITRUST Certification (whether it should ... Continue Reading
HITRUST Certification With a Total IT Staff of Only 3?!? "So how was the HITRUST Conference?" I asked the Network/Server Admin I tasked with the initial HITRUST requirement fact finding. "They expressed a lot of doubt that we were going to be able to do ... Continue Reading
Security Testing - Security Testing Everywhere I have mentioned before (and will continue to) that HITRUST Certification didn't secure the system itself; rather, it codified and proved out the existing security apparatus. However, one could argue that it made the ... Continue Reading
How Long Will HITRUST Certification Take? If the first question when first considering HITRUST Certification is how much will this cost, the second question is how long will it take? It's a valid question. Any project you take on should ... Continue Reading
How Will You Maintain HITRUST Certification? You have achieved HITRUST Certification. Great! But now the real hard part comes: adhering to your new policy. Do not underestimate the importance of this. HITRUST Certification follows a validated assessment every ... Continue Reading
Is HITRUST Certification Really Necessary? As we come to our 7th and final article in the HITRUST Certification series, we come to the last question: Is HITRUST Certification really necessary? Truthfully. No. "What?!? You just spent 6 other articles espousing what it ... Continue Reading
HIPAA Compliant Software with PHI: In The Cloud vs On-Premise? Many years ago (before Apple's second surge) I would sit around and listen to technology minded individuals have very passionate arguments about which was better: Microsoft, Mac, or Linux. I was always perplexed ... Continue Reading
ERP in the Cloud vs. On-Premise: It "The dirty little secret of cloud spend is that the bill never really goes down," says J.R. Storment, executive director of the FinOps Foundation. This quote was found in a recent ZDNet article espousing the ... Continue Reading
ERP Cool Feature Series: Printed Physical Receipts From time to time I like to highlight some of the more unique things we do with our ERP. The cool thing about our system is that it has a great foundation for ... Continue Reading
Portals and Automation: The Key to Surviving the Payor Data Trap When serving payors (insurance companies) there appears to be two types of customers in their eyes. Those where filing claims is all the information they need, and those where they expect troves of ... Continue Reading
What is a Healthcare ERP? In the early 90s, the Gartner Group first coined the term ERP as the next evolution of software for manufacturing companies. Before this, a manufacturing company might have a separate accounting, purchasing, inventory, ... Continue Reading
Are We in Healthcare? In 2013 I moved down to Saint Petersburg, FL to turn around what I thought was a Food Manufacturing and Home Delivered Meal company. Now make no mistake, it was absolutely that. ... Continue Reading



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