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Who We Are

Human flight is fascinating. That fascination is derived from a simple thought: "we should not be able to do this."

Yet. We did.

Mark Twain once said, "They did not know it was impossible so they did it."

Business is a lot like this. Whether starting a business from scratch, coming into a turn around, or challenged with taking it to the next level, business takes having a vision for what is possible when no one else knows how to make it possible.

Shortly after the raw experimentation of early flight ended and the science of flight began, we came to know there was a precise speed a plane could fly that would increase altitude in the shortest amount of time. While this speed is unique for every type of airplane, it is referred to universally as Vy

There are a lot of technology companies passionate about business. What sets us apart is that we are zealous about thorough, high quality technology innovation that helps you arrive at your goals in the shortest amount of time.

We are Vy

Core Values


We Are Zealots for Efficiency & Simplicity

Not all things can be simple, but all things can be in their simplest form. Simplicity leads to efficiency. High quality efficiency benefits everyone.

We Pursue Margin

Margin for our customers, margin for our employees, and margin for our owners.

We Are a Meritocracy

Hiring, promotions and compensation are all based on merit. Great business does not care if you are Young or Old, Male or Female, Republican or Democrat, Educated or Uneducated, Straight or Gay, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Non-Religious, Black, White, Latino or Asian. Great businesses are like sports teams. The only thing that matters is how well you perform and how well that performance impacts the team. That. Is. It.

We Are Dying If We Aren't Learning

Never be done learning and always seek to improve yourself. Claiming you have never been trained is not going to fly. Be curious about new possibilities and proactively act to explore them.

We Value All People

All people are created in God's image, therefore all people - regardless of position or stake in life - are valuable. You have value in this organization. You have more value outside of this organization. Everyone deserves to be treated as such

We Know the Difference in Being Right and Doing Right

Being right is important. But doing right is far more important. When those conflict, choose doing right.

We Are a Christian Business

Being a Christian is not required. In fact, we love that you are on the team. This is not a church. There won't be prayer before meetings. No required Bible studies. There are no secret handshakes. No cheesy words to use. In full disclosure, you'll probably hear swearing in frustration from time to time. We'll still go out and grab a drink to celebrate. Not being a Christian will not hold you back (We Are a Meritocracy). We are not perfect, nor ever claim to be. But our foundation is built on a Christ-centered worldview and our ethos derives from such. Integrity matters. Generosity matters. Rest matters. Family matters. Purpose matters.

Who are these people?

No great leader becomes who they were on their own. When Vy Technology was launched, it was years in the making from many people who had no idea what they were contributing to. These mentors and role models are the foundation of our company. Their shoulders are what we stand on. Naming the value after them does two things: 1) pays homage to their unknown contribution to who we are and 2) it personalizes it to give us someone to strive after. They are our examples. They are our role models. They are the people we aim to become.