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ERP Cool Feature Series: Printed Physical ReceiptsFrom time to time I like to highlight some of the more unique things we do with our ERP. The cool thing about our system is that it has a great foundation for just about any business, but it also remains highly flexible to add features rapidly.

Previously we discussed a WhatsApp implementation that enables communication between the ERP system and WhatsApp users - including automated bot response and data capture.

Today though we venture off of healthcare a bit to show a cool feature built for one of our non-Healthcare partners. M Cultivo aims to cultivate next-generation farmers that are mostly in the coffee industry. They are doing some really cool stuff and fixing a very big problem in the world. They have taken the Vy ERP framework foundation to deploy an inventory system, messaging platform, pricing index, and CRM.

When receiving coffee from farmers into the inventory system, M Cultivo sends a receipt via text message, WhatsApp, and/or email. But one of their customers had a more traditional request: a physical printed receipt. Makes sense. But the bigger issue? Their customer's harvest season was already under way and they needed this feature. Quickly. Like, yesterday quickly.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, we received next business day an Epson TM-T20ii printer. A very short time after that we proved the concept. Within a week or so, the customer in Costa Rica had received their printer. And voila. Receipts printed at a Coffee Mill in Costa Rica.

This is just one example of how Vy Technology and our ERP system can create some really cool solutions... fast. Got a unique problem you are trying to solve? Reach out, we'd love to brainstorm with you. It probably can be done quicker and more cost effectively than you think.




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