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Do Not Make The Same Mistake COBOL-based New Jersey & Kansas Unemployment Department Made It may be because there is nothing on TV. It may just be general curiosity. Either way, I find myself consuming a bit more news than normal in these interesting times we ... Continue Reading
ERP in the Cloud vs. On-Premise: It "The dirty little secret of cloud spend is that the bill never really goes down," says J.R. Storment, executive director of the FinOps Foundation. This quote was found in a recent ZDNet article espousing the ... Continue Reading
ERP Cool Feature Series: Printed Physical Receipts From time to time I like to highlight some of the more unique things we do with our ERP. The cool thing about our system is that it has a great foundation for ... Continue Reading
Portals and Automation: The Key to Surviving the Payor Data Trap When serving payors (insurance companies) there appears to be two types of customers in their eyes. Those where filing claims is all the information they need, and those where they expect troves of ... Continue Reading
What is a Healthcare ERP? In the early 90s, the Gartner Group first coined the term ERP as the next evolution of software for manufacturing companies. Before this, a manufacturing company might have a separate accounting, purchasing, inventory, ... Continue Reading
Are We in Healthcare? In 2013 I moved down to Saint Petersburg, FL to turn around what I thought was a Food Manufacturing and Home Delivered Meal company. Now make no mistake, it was absolutely that. ... Continue Reading



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