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We Are Zealots for Efficiency: The Andy Borgmann Story

Core Values Series: This is the final of an eight part series
highlighting the backstories to our core values

When I was a boy my dad would ask, like most fathers, "how was school?" I'd mentioned something along the lines of "well I had a math test today."

Then my dad would ask, "well how do you think you did on it?"

And I would answer, as if it was the most obvious answer to his question, by informing him that I finished faster than everyone else in the class.

Looking a little perplexed by that answer, he would then follow up with, "ok, but how do you think you scored on that test." And I would respond along the lines of, "yeah, that was a given. I got an A on it."

In my mind the fact I got an A, wasn't what set me apart. The part that set me apart was the fact that I finished before everybody.

To be very clear, I am not saying I was the smartest person in the class. But I was an "A" student in a gifted program. So let's say I was in the top 5%, but I was not in the top 1%.

This didn't really bother me then and it definitely doesn't bother me now. Answering my dad so naturally that I finished first, spoke more about what I eventually learned about myself: which is that I have a zeal for efficiency.

This is something very unique in technology. That is why I want to build our company on this value.

You can find companies that can do relatively the same thing as us. But you'd be hard-pressed to find one that can do it as fast as us. Likewise, you may be able to find companies who can move as fast as we can, but the quality and security of what they do is not up to par.

In college I had a professor, who is still a great mentor and friend, named Dick Pritchard. He would say in completely different context from business, "you can have something good, fast, and cheap, but you have to pick two out of three. You can't have all three." For the first 10 years of my professional career I always liked to think that I was the anomaly. You can have all three with me. Eventually over time I became less and less cheap.

While we might not be cheap in the strictest definition, we are the greatest value. Because in business time is money. First in a billable sense meaning that if you can do something in 10 hours that others will do in 40 hours, it doesn't matter if you charge twice as much because you still saved them half. But there is also opportunity costs. If something takes two years to implement that could be implemented in 6 months, there is a significant amount of missed opportunity in the 18 months lost.

So at our core: we are high quality technology innovation in the shortest amount of time. We have a zeal for efficiency.




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