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13 Pillars of HIPAA When I first started developing HIPAA compliant software I had been developing custom software for 9 years. But I had never had to develop a HIPAA compliant solution. Like a lot things ... Continue Reading
Business First, Technology Second On a recent visit to my alma mater, I sat in on a Machine Learning class. It was fascinating. Being in the room with 20 or so students talking about a technology trend I ... Continue Reading
Doing Right vs. Being Right is Trying 896 Variations to Find a Match One of our core values at Vy Technology is that We Know the Difference in Being Right and Doing Right. What we mean by that is, being right is important, but doing right ... Continue Reading
Why Removing Functionality is Usually Proposed but Rarely the Right Answer We have a customer that is growing very fast in the Healthcare space. Two years ago their Member database was around 200,000 members. After 2020 Annual Enrollment Period settled, they are now ... Continue Reading



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