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ERP Cool Feature Series: Printed Physical Receipts From time to time I like to highlight some of the more unique things we do with our ERP. The cool thing about our system is that it has a great foundation for ... Continue Reading
Is HITRUST Certification Really Necessary? As we come to our 7th and final article in the HITRUST Certification series, we come to the last question: Is HITRUST Certification really necessary? Truthfully. No. "What?!? You just spent 6 other articles espousing what it ... Continue Reading
Vaccine Distribution Plan Proves Why Technology Matters in Healthcare Most of us would probably agree that the roll out of the COVID19 vaccine has been anything but stellar. The large task of developing a vaccine in a lot of ways went smoother ... Continue Reading
Core Value Series: Doing Right vs. Being Right - The Allen Hunt Story Core Values Series: This is the second of an eight part serieshighlighting the backstories to our core values In 2005, my first job out of college was being a Videographer for a church in Alpharetta, ... Continue Reading



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